The My Grano ordering channel

A customisable online service for companies for ordering, managing, editing and distributing marketing material.

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Quick and easy asset management

The My Grano ordering channel is a browser-based service. The service offers a quick and easy way of managing, editing, customising and ordering your company material and products – it’s a one-stop shop! The service is established and tailored to meet the appearance and operations models specific to your company. The service is suitable for both large and small organisations, and there are no limitations to the number of users.


Manage your brand

Use the service to publish products in line with your company brand. Lock your brand elements and only allow the editing of their content, if necessary.


The many features of the My Grano ordering channel ensure just the right type of service for you. There are no limitations to the number of products or users.

Streamlining the ordering process

The service creates an efficient material and product order as well as management process for your company. The customisable ordering process ensures that ordering is made quick and effortless with no room for error.

One-stop shop

Use a single service and operating method for ordering marketing material. You may import your company’s printed products, warehouse products and electronic marketing material into the service. When you combine the service with Grano’s extensive service offering, all you have to do is place the order.

Branded service

The service is customised with your brand.

Adding and managing users and creating groups made easy

With the help of user management, you can specify service offerings and content for individual users or user groups.

The editor allows you to create and edit content

With the editor, users may plan and edit the product templates in the service themselves. This means that the editing and version management of your company’s marketing material is no longer only in the hands of the marketing department. Product editing features can be restricted, ensuring that important brand elements and the look remain uniform.



  • Your delivery and payment methods
  • Order history and re-ordering
  • User- and group-specific address books.


  • Public webshop or a closed ordering channel
  • Language versions: Finnish, Swedish and English
  • Branded user interface
  • Customisable content pages.

Content creation and editing

  • Browser-based product editor
  • Editing the look, colours, images and texts
  • Based on InDesign layout templates.

User management

  • An easy way to add users to the service
  • Self-sign-up
  • Creation of user groups and management of access rights and product views.

Approval workflows

  • Approving order content
  • Commenting on and approving of product appearance.


  • Can be integrated into the company’s user management
  • Integrations with purchasing systems
  • Open interfaces

We felt that My Grano was an easy way to manage a comprehensive entity. Those who need business cards can order them for their own teams.

Linda Tierala

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